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AdventureQuest Dragons 1.0.65
Hatch and evolve 12 Dragons in an idle game from the makers ofCookie Clicker & AdventureQuest Worlds! DRAGONS • SteampunkDragon • Fire Dragon • Green Dragon • Shadow Dragon • Three-HeadedDragon • Evil Lava Dragon • Gold Dragon • Lightning Dragon • FaerieDragon • Undead Dragon • Slime Dragon • Frost Dragon Become amaster of Dragons. Tap dragon eggs to hatch them, and then collectgems to power-up and evolve your dragons into titanic beasts.Collect and evolve them all. FEATURES • 12 masterfully painted andanimated Dragons • Each Dragon has unique upgrades and stories!• Unlock hundreds of Dragon achievements. • Your Dragons can playfor you, even when the app is closed. Collect Dragons of everybreed! Battle through the storylines where your Dragon will raisearmies, create cities, and most likely destroy civilizations whilefighting fearsome foes. From an egg to master of the multiverse!“Dragons, they’re alright.” - Orteil, creator of Cookie Clicker“Dragons are cool!” - Artix, creator of AdventureQuest WorldsFEATURING DRAGON ART BY Dage - Lead AdventureQuest Worlds ArtistThyton - Lead DragonFable/MechQuest Artist Oishii - OriginalAdventureQuest Artist Yergen - Bladehaven/HeroSmash Master AnimatorExtraordinaire - And One Handsome Devil FEATURING WRITING BY Orteil- Cookie Clicker Creator Artix - AdventureQuest Creator Opti -Cookie Clicker Administrator Cysero - DragonFable/AQworlds writerThe most epic clicker game of all time! As an idle game, the pointof the Dragons is to ultimately have the game play for you. Masterthe art of tapping and not tapping. Easy to do - difficult tomaster. Become the greatest Dragon Master in all of time and spaceby tapping (er- or rather NOT TAPPING) your way to glory! Raiseyour horde of dragons, Dragon Master! Note: There is an option inthe Options menu to restore your old game data if you lost progressduring an update. The game restore option may take several minutesto complete. Please be patient and wait for the process tocomplete! The restore option will reset your game to its previousstate before the last update. So, don't use it if you don't needit!
Battle Gems (AdventureQuest)
A gem battle puzzle game with monsters so epic that you'll forgetyou're still in the bathroom. You’re a busy hero. You have dragonsto rescue and princesses to defeat. Or is it the other way around?Join the other players in a race to the fire-erupting, skull-facedvolcano lair at the top of the world map. It’s called Mount DeathDread Doom Skull. Within it, you will find the ultimate prize. Thepath there is an unforgettable adventure, fraught with peril (…andpuns). Battle dragons, zombies, and over a hundred unique monstersserving delusional arch villains. It will take you less than 10seconds to learn how to launch attacks using the battle gems. Dragyour wickedly-talented finger over 3 or more matching gems tolaunch a simple attack. Each type of gem does something different.Learn new strategies, powers, animated skills, and grow strongerwith every step of your journey. But your first opponent is a RedDragon boss fight. Good luck with that! FUN, ADDICTIVE & UNIQUEGAMEPLAY! Battle Gems is the evolution of our original PvP webpuzzle game. It features over the top fantasy characters andinteresting new game mechanics. 150+ FULLY ANIMATED MONSTERS!Battle crazy and bizarre creatures including Octobear (Octopus +Bear?), Brutalcorn (you sorta need to see this one for yourself),Gandolphin (“You shall not splash!”), crazy elemental and undeaddragons and more... BEAUTIFUL WORLD MAP WITH 450+ QUESTS! Everystep of the way towards Mount Death Dread Doom Skull is filled withexciting quests and side challenges. Race your friends to the top.COLLECT EVERY WEAPON, ARMOR & PET! Are you a rare item hunter?With Battle Gem’s unlimited inventory, you can get literally everyitem in the entire game. And you will want to! Not just because youcan customize your character to look however you want, but each andevery item you own permanently increases your power. Items areobtained in game using gold or by completing quests. PLAYER VSPLAYER (PvP)! Battle your friends and then send them screenshots ofyour victory! BECOME THE BATTLE GEMS KING! Do you have what ittakes to journey all the way to the top of the world map and facethe diabolical (OMG I love using the word diabolical) dragon whichlives in the volcanic lair!? PUNS! But you should download andinstall the game anyway. ALSO FEATURES * Boss Powers - defeatbosses and take their powers * Cutscenes – if you never played anArtix Entertainment game before... oh boy! * Animated Skills –fireballs, jump spin attacks, pet tornados... you get the idea * Aninsane cast of quirky characters * Challenge fights * FullCharacter Customization Follow @ArtixKrieger on Twitter Like on Facebook Battle Gems is thefirst major mobile game created by the friendly and creative teamat Artix Entertainment — you know, the guys who make web games likeAdventureQuest & DragonFable. Parents & wives/husbands ofobsessive video gamers, please read! This game includes: - Loads ofunique gems! - The ability to connect to Facebook (Age 13+) - Theoption to make in-app purchases. Whoever is paying the device’sbill better be told first!.
VelocityAE 2.2.4
Hard. Retro. ...and SUPER HARD! Can you last 10 seconds? Are yourthumbs blessed with the the nimbleness of an elf rogue drinkingtheir third pot of coffee? Tell you what. Get over 1,000 points andthe entire internet will bow down before you claiming you are theultimate gaming god of the universe. GAMEPLAYHurl down a wormholein an 8-bit spaceship… that has a proven track record of exploding…in this retro arcade runner (technically speaking, a space-timecontinuum flyer). Your only goal is to survive as long as possible.The longer you last, the faster you go, and the higher your scoreclimbs. Simple, right? HA! Your dark-matter dash through theprismatic geometry wormhole is comprised of breakneck turns thatwill shatter your spaceship—and hopes of a high score—when crashedinto. Luckily for you, you have infinite lives (and, apparently, anamazing mechanic), so you can replay the game without hesitation orremorse for the rocket you just destroyed seven secondsearlier."Step aside, Flappy Bird clones; there’s a new highlyaddictive game on app store shelves." - Rolith's MomFEATURESAmazing 8-bit graphicsClassic arcade soundtrackSimple yetskillful tap button controlsOriginal gold coin collecting system(no one’s ever done that before, right?)Colorful and vivid 3Dgeometry cubes that change color like WOAHInfinite lives! You don’teven need to be a cat (wait, what?)Unlock new rockets andspaceships featuring state of the art pixel artTotally free! But wemake you watch an ad every once in awhile, ‘cuz, you know, someonehas to pay your spaceship mechanic bill… This ridiculously hardtwitch game was created as an overnight project by Rolith and theCRIT Team at Artix Entertainment. May you enjoy countless hours offrustrating potty toilet gaming time with VelocityAE!"No, no...this is great! At least Rolith did not use his spare time to makinganother game about Ponies." - Artix, Founder/CEO.
Undead Assault 1.4.6
Battle an unstoppable and crazy army of the undead in this endlessrunner! You are Artix the Paladin… the town people’s only hopeagainst an horde of skeletal zombie warlords!Sure, you start thisinfinite runner as an awesome Paladin… but a dozen brag worthy highscores later you can replace that hand of yours with a chainsaw.Undead slayers forever... “So slay we all!”FEATURES• 6 Paladinweapon & armor sets… each with a “special” attack O_O• “Battleon!” theme song by One-Eyed Doll • Upgradable Power Ups!• Collectrare loot… no idea what it does, but it is collectible. So. Yeah.Collecting! • “Legend of Artix” book… can you find the mysteriouslymissing pages? FACTS & LORE!• An inspired re-make of theoriginal viral hit flash game, Undead Assault! • Yup, Daimyo, theUndead Slaying Pomeranian, is actually a real dog.• Truth, justiceand righteousness are an excellent source of calcium when servedwith milk. “Thanks to you, Artix slays more undead before breakfastthan most Witch Hunters do all year!”
Fat Panda
In a world where the ultimate food fight rages on, Fat Panda needsyour help at becoming the Fattest Panda of them all. Saturate yourblubber bear with complex carbohydrates as you gulp, slurp, fartand burp your way to high caloric victory. Experience explosivegameplay (…literally!) as you race the clock in 8 food-fueledlevels to make your panda the fattest yet! Features 8calorie-consuming levels of buffet-style pandemonium, 20 unlockableachievements from Grease Monger to Ultra Caloric, highest caloriesconsumed counter, and exploding gameplay right at yourfingertips!Note: Requires Abobe AIR for Android.
George Lowe Bites
At the touch of your fingertip, you will be able to make anycramped elevator instantly more uncomfortable. George Lowe Bitesincludes categories for...* Putting the smack down while GAMING!* the Job!* DE-Motivational Speeches* Evil Products* Ninjas& Pirates* Quotes* Really, um, special... Sound FX* Superhumanand utterly bizarre stuff!ALSO! Use the George Lowe Bites Magic8-Ball to make important life changing decisions*.WHO IS GEORGELOWE?Best known as the voice of Space Ghost, George Lowe has beenheard in the TV shows Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak show, RobotChicken, Perfect Hair Forever and other Adult Swim Series and inthe online games AdventureQuest Worlds, DragonFable, MechQuest andEpicDuel. Everyone needs their life narrated by George Lowe. Butluckily for you, most people are too cheap. You're not cheapthough... are ya, champ? Put Uncle George on that smart phone ofyours and let's start up a little trouble.* For entertainmentpurposes only. If you actually feel compelled to follow the advicegiven by this app, you may wish to seek professional help.
BioBeasts: Mutate & Destroy 1.5.6
Control mutant beasts as you battle waves of robot enemies,laboratory defenses, and mechanical bosses. Mutate your way tofreedom and rescue new beasts with unique powers! Unlock andupgrade tons of mutations to craft your own strategy!FEATURES*Unlock unique beasts and mutate to freedom!* Activate specialpowers to devastate your captors!* Customize each beast with skinsand over 50 powerful mutations! * Master 4 difficulty modes!* Shred20+ unique robotic enemy types including a vicious final boss!*Conquer endless enemy waves and challenges!* Dominate onlineleaderboards! * Multiplatform cloud saving!DeveloperBlog:[email protected]:
AdWatch Tournament Edition 0.1.5
AdWatch: Tournament Edition has takencasualmobile gaming to its obvious conclusion by delivering hoursofmind-blowing ads with almost no game play to get in the way.Allyou need to do is push the big red button, then get readytofiercely, heroically, yet passively allow sponsored mediacontentto be delivered directly into your brain through your eyeholes!Watch action-packed, high end ads to earn points and awards.Earnpoints to climb the Leader Board and the more Facebook friendsyouhave playing the more bonus points you earn. Hooray forenablingsocial network addictions. I mean, you’re already on thereanyway.You might as well get something out of it other than catVines,right? No skill or brains required! All you need is thesteely eyeddetermination of a honey badger to out-watch the otherguys, (Heck,the guys at the lab have a severed finger hooked up toa battery andit is beating Paresh from accounting).This game* features a super-simple, one button mechanic, over50awarded achievements, and a handful of cartoon shorts starringthedisturbingly cute and seemingly harmless Ad Watch PartyPals!This game is Rated “L” for Low Maturity… The best kindofmaturity.*Game, /ɡām/, noun - a form of play or sport, especiallyacompetitive one played according to rules and decided byskill,strength, or luck.
AdventureQuest 3D MMO RPG 1.18.5
This MMORPG is a little bit different... you were warned. "Becomepart of AdventureQuest 3D's growing online world! We're buildingnew areas under your feet as you play it." - Artix and the devs(who also make the weekly-updated hit web games AQWorlds,DragonFable, EpicDuel and, um, those other AE games.) SORCERERGENERAL'S WARNING: This game is ONLY for fans of fantasy MMORPGs,swords & sorcery, open-world games, passionately involved gamedevelopers, and people who wandered here completely by mistake butdownloaded and loved it anyway. May contain AE's unpredictabletongue-in-cheek humor, parody, puns, oddly-fused monsters(Werepyres?), and the game is so casually hard core that there is a99% chance you will die before the game even starts. But hey, maybeyou'll get lucky and DEATH (aka The Grim Reaper) will make you adeal you can't refuse. Only one way to find out. NOT PAY-TO-WIN XD• Finally, a game that's not going to dive into your wallet. • Earnpower and cool stuff through gameplay • Optional cosmetics if you’dlike to support us LIVE & SPECIAL EVENTS • Weird in-gameholidays • Town changes to reflect seasons and boss monsters invade• Small team = crazy devs with the power to spawn monsters FREENEAR-WEEKLY DLC! NEW ADVENTURES • We're literally building newstuff for you right now • Join us for weekly-ish releases onThursdays-ish AQ3D IS TRUE CROSS-PLATFORM • Play your characterfrom anywhere (Android, iOS, PC, Mac) • Yes, all devices log intothe same world • Yes, you can switch to your phone and take it tothe potty and then go back to playing PC without anyone knowing.BEST MMORPG VILLAINS & MONSTERS • Our bad guys can beat up yourother game's bad guys. • As long as we're the ones writing thestory. Which we are. • Unless you want to jump in and help. Commenton our official posts. • NecroKnights • Vampires Lords • WerewolfGladiators • Pirates, Ninjas, "The Braken" • DEATH - UnderworldCelebrity • Frogzards • Drickens - Half Dragon, half chicken •Dragons • Lots of Dragons • OMG why do we love Dragons so much!MAKE A UNIQUE HERO • See items on your character when you equipthem! • Equip for power or looks • Our barbershop is the best •Equip swords, scytheblades (scythe + sword = awesome), fidgetspinners (why did you make us do this!?) wands, pew pew thingies,armors, matrixy looking long coats, gloves, boots, capes, helms,belts, hair, & accessories (skull hair clips are so hot rightnow) however you want. We're always making new stuff. MULTI-CLASS:PLAY THE WAY YOU WANT • Collect classes like Necromancer, Paladin,DragonSlayer, Ninja, Rogue, Warrior, Mage • Switch between them atany time! • We are building a ton more :D LOOK UP & JUMP • AQ3Dis a rare Mobile MMO that lets you look up at the sky! • Jump onthings. Which means... PARKOUR CHALLENGE MAPS You will regret thatwe let you jump in this game XD Some of our parkour maps are 100%evil. LAZORS! TRAVEL FORMS • Transform into birds, dragons, andcreatures that move at high speed • Except the bushtransformation... awkward. DUNGEONS, RAIDS, & BOSS FIGHTCHALLENGES • 20 player raids (like the Dragon's Lair) • 5 playerdungeons • 2 player adventures... date night? • Solo - just likewhen I went to dances in school • Or just roam a world full ofplayers looking for trouble AQ3D CURRENT FEATURES! • BattleMonsters in Real-time Combat • Summon & Teleport to yourFriends • Pets • Crafting • Tons of things to complain about! •Persistent online world • Bad puns • Cutscenes you won’t want toskip! (Probably) • Check our website to see what we are developingnext STALK... erm, FOLLOW US FOR ALL THE AQ3D MADNESS! O______OOFFICIAL SITE FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @ArtixKriegeror YOUTUBE: We are an activecommunity of gamers. Spy on what Artix and the team are working onnext for the game at